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Leadership Sessions

Siblings Without Rivalry

Date: Please call with interest and availability

Description: This hour workshop addresses the rationale behind children that bicker and fight with each other and what we as parents may do subconciously to create this environment.  We will do self reflection exercises to find out our beliefs and how we were parented and create a plan of action to have more peace in our home environments.

Tuition: $15.00

3 Week Parenting with Intention Course Certified through Lehigh Valley Health Network

Dates: Please call with interest and availability.

Tuition: $100.00 per person or $150.00 per couple for the 3 week session, includes materials fee.

Description:  This three week course integrates the philosophies of Kathryn Kvols written in her book, “Redirecting Children’s Behavior”.  It will address parenting styles and give you the tools you need to raise happy, healthy, emotionally stable children while yelling less and engaging in positive, loving relationships..







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