Shine the light that is in your heart.

Individual Sessions
Individual Sessions

Massage Therapy  Sessions

Pricing:  $70.00 for an hour session, $105.00 for an hour and a half session. 

Description:  A relaxing and blissful session that combines different modalities of healing touch, deep tissue, reiki, and relaxation catered to your personal needs.

Yoga Enhancement Sessions

Tuition: $32.00 for half hour private session.

Description: We will work together to determine areas to strengthen and improve your personal yoga practice and help connect you to your best and highest self.

Dance Enhancement Sessions

Tuition:  $32.00 for half hour private session.

Description: For the anyone who is looking to improve upon and expand their technique by learning to connect with themselves to create their own choreographic style.  It feels great to shine your light through dance!

Women’s Retreat Sessions

Tuition: $42.00 per person for a two hour retreat

Description: Allow yourself to plan a retreat with friends that includes; reiki, healing touch therapy sessions, art, yoga, movement and healthful snacks in a beautiful and restful environment.  The retreat can be created specifically for the needs of your group. 

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